This is what Master Chief will Officially Look like in Halo 4

It seems like Master Chief’s armor has been finalized by 343 Industries. What you see is what you get, and I think the majority of Halo fans will like what they see.

This final look has been brought to our attention by a toy company, who has finalized their representation of Master Chief – already! Obviously you won’t be able to get your hands on these toys, as the game won’t be out for another 10-ish months. But what you should get out of this is that 343 Industries sure knows how to make a protagonist look good.

Maybe they can overhaul the antagonist too?


Report: Microsoft Plans to Show off Halo 4 this Month

Reports have been made that Microsoft will be making their way to the Spring Showcase in San Francisco to reveal more of Halo 4. According to the report, the Spring Showcase will be held on February 29th of this year.

If this is indeed true, expect a lot of screen shots and possibly a trailer. With Halo 4 making its debut towards the end of this year, expect more and more information to be shown as the year progresses.

Welcome to Halo Reclaimer Hub

If you think about it critically, we haven’t actually had a “real” Halo game in the past couple of years. Sure Halo: Reach was great and all, but it seemed as though the core concept of Halo: Reach was to ‘pimp-out’ the multiplayer as much as possible. The campaign was there, but it was simply another side-story to Master Chief’s original journey, the journey that we, for the most part, loved playing the most.

I think it’s clear that Halo mainly revolves around the presence of Master Chief, and if you take him out of the equation, you’re left with a lackluster Halo game that just seems almost empty.

That’s what Bungie has provided us fans with for the past 4-ish years, but now they’ve dropped the reigns of their beloved Halo, and 343 Industries have taken the project full-steam-ahead. And that’s where we come in…

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