Redesigned Battle Rifle Returns in Halo 4

One thing that I personally missed in Halo Reach was the Battle Rifle. In replacement of the Battle Rifle, Bungie gave us the DMR; a single-shot precision weapon that was brutal when fired at the head. But for old time Halo players like me, the Battle Rifle was just another classic weapon, like the Assault Rifle, that just hit home. And I was ecstatic when 343 Industries confirmed that the Battle Rifle will indeed be coming back to Halo 4.

There aren’t too many apparent changes to the gun as of now besides graphics. It should still be the same old three-burst fire weapon we have all come to know and hopefully love. So there should be no surprises when we pick it up for the first time within game play. But I have to admit, based on the pictures 343 Industries gave us, I really like the new Battle Rifle. It has a bit more color than the rifle we’ve seen in Halo 3, and it has more of a definite shape.

So far I really like the direction 343 Industries is taking the Halo series in. We’ve seen a lot of graphical changes and they seem fantastic so far. The plot line of the Halo 4 seems rather tight-lipped so far, but I’ve heard that the antagonist of the campaign will be of a caliber that Master Chief has yet to face. A caliber that makes the covenant seem childish.


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