Two Halo 4 Multiplayer Maps Revealed: Warhouse and Wraparound

343 Industries revealed two of their maps for Halo 4 that will reportedly be made from scratch. They will be known as Warhouse and Wraparound.

Warhouse is essentially a giant military base. In the center of the military base is some sort of Giant Mech-like structure that is being constructed. I’m not sure if the Mech can be utilized, but I’m pretty sure that the balance of the map would be thrown off if one team had an opportunity to control a friggin’ Mech.

The second map we had a look at is known as Wraparound. Wraparound has been described as a type of “looping” structure with a lot of up and down combat. What this pretty much means is that the map will be relatively tall. So maybe a lot of man cannons and stairwells will be available? You can speculate some more on your own with this picture of the map.

So that’s all the maps we know of for now. So far the maps seem nice. They’re big, but not ridiculously big like Boneyard was. My only hope is that 343 Industries throws some scaled down maps into the mix because I feel that the smaller maps are best for generating higher paced action. And what Halo player doesn’t like a little action? Noobs?


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