343 Industries: Expect Many Changes in Halo 4


343 Industries has made it clear: Halo 4 will be very different from past Halo games. And fans should embrace these changes because the Halo Universe is rightfully evolving. In an interview, 343 Industries addressed the reasons behind the many changes revealed so far. And based on what the company is saying, we should expect many more changes; particularly to enemies, weapons and story line:

“So the next time you see an enemy that looks a little different or a weapon/vehicle that doesn’t match its predecessors verbatim, or even a backstory that doesn’t appear to be the “whole story”, understand that the Halo Universe is big enough to hold all of them safely and securely together, and will do so with a smile on its face,” they explained. “And whenever you doubt that, just take the incredible variability you find in our contemporary world and multiply it by a thousand. Then you’ll get a hint of just how big a 26th century, galaxy-spanning Halo story is to us.”

Clearly, 343 Industries has a vision, and they plan to carry out that vision. Let it be clear that 343 Industries is not simply succeeding Bungie, they they are replacing them. 343 Industries did not take over Halo to carry out Bungie’s vision, they took over Halo to carry out their vision. And this seems too be a very good thing because it shows just how much passion and drive 343 Industries has.

In the end, you as a player needs to go into Halo 4 understanding that there will be differences. After all, this is not Bungie’s game, this is 343 Industries’s game. And I have a hunch that these differences within the game will likely be for the better.


Halo 4 Covenant Grunt Image Leaked


A few days ago, we mentioned that the covenant would be making their return in the beginning of Halo 4 for about 10 minutes. Now we have an actual image of what our favorite covenant, the Grunt, will look like in Halo 4.

As you can see, Grunts still look like the same twisted, head exploding covenant enemies that we are used to. Hopefully they’ll remain an easy kill for players because I would be lying if I said I didn’t enjoy blowing their caps off.

Anyways, add this to the list of confirmed Halo 4 enemies. The list started off yesterday when two new enemies, known as the catcher and watcher, were leaked on the back of a toy box.

Two New Halo 4 Characters Revealed: Crawlers and Watchers

According to the back of a Halo 4 action figure box, two new Halo 4 figures are coming out soon. But these figures don’t depict commonly known characters such as Master Chief and Cortana. They depict two totally new characters know as the Crawler and the Watcher.

You can see a picture of what the two look like in the image above. There is a chance that these two characters could be new covenant enemies. But more than likely, just because the covenant are not a large part of Halo 4, they seem to be the characters of a new enemy race Master Chief will fight off in Halo 4.

Again, none of this is confirmed, but the fact that these are “Coming Soon” characters on the back of a Halo 4 action figure box shows that these characters must have something to do with Halo. But all in all, it seems like we’ve found our antagonists.

Update: Here is a closer look at the Crawler and Watcher; it’s a bit blurred due to the lower resolution of the original picture, but you’ll be able to make out a few more details.

Railgun Confirmed as Weapon in Halo 4

A gun known as the Railgun has now been confirmed to be a usable weapon in Halo 4. Here is an official description of the weapon:

The ARC-920 Railgun is a compact-channel linear accelerator that fires a high-explosive round at incredible speed, delivering both kinetic and explosive force to both hard and soft targets alike.

The Railgun certainly sounds like a pretty kick-ass weapon, but it’s actually not a new weapon. The Railgun has actually been in the Halo universe before. Remember the Gauss Warthog? That big cannon on the back of the vehicle is actually a Railgun. Imagine Master Chief using that bad boy as a mobile weapon.

Hopefully we can use this weapon in multiplayer if we are deprived of using a Mech.

Halo 4 DMR Photo Revealed

We had a list of confirmed weapons in Halo 4, so this should come as no real surprise. In this image we not only get a nice look at the DMR, but we also get to see how nice the HUD in Halo 4 is. In terms of the DMR, it looks very similar to DMR we had in Halo Reach, with a bit of a graphics update. Only this time, we have the DMR and the Battle Rifle.

Game Informer Magazine Reveals Large Amount of Halo 4 Details

Game Informer released their monthly magazine, and to my surprise, May’s issue had a beautiful image of none other than Master Chief. Within the magazine, we received an incredibly large amount of interesting Halo 4 details. I thought it would be best if I just rounded it all up for you in a bunch of bullet points. Enjoy the overflow:

  • Halo 4 will be set in the year 2557
  • Even though the Covenant are not the primary enemy, you will start off the Halo 4 campaign by fighting against them. Yes that means brutes, jackals and our favorite head-exploding grunts.
  • Cortana chose to slightly change her appearance while Master Chief was asleep.
  • The background of Master Chief is expected to be explored in this game. Chief’s history was often looked at in books and comics, but this is the first time we will get a look at his past in a game format.
  • The new HUD makes you feel like you are actually wearing Master Chief’s helmet while you are playing the game.
  • Spartan Ops will be added. This is essentially a separate campaign for four people in which levels are added by 343 Industries over the course of several months.
  • Firefight has been removed. Yeah…
  • The multiplayer actually ties into the campaign. So it may be important to play both.
  • During the course of the game, the UNSC are on a top secret mission and plan on re-grouping with Master Chief later on in the story.
  • Confirmed Weapons: Battle Rifle, Assault Rifle, DMR, Assault Carbine, Covenant Carbine, Shotgun, Rocket Launcher, Sniper Rifle, Plasma Pistol and Magnum. There are still plenty to be announced.
  • Spartan Points are the new currency. You can use them to purchase armor and armor abilities.
  • Sprint is now a built in feature, not an armor ability.
  • The armor abilities Jet Pack, Camouflage and Hologram have returned.
  • Forerunner Vision is now available. This allows you to see through walls. Sweet.

Halo 4 Allows Users to Utilize the “Spartan IV”

343 Industries is changing the multiplayer a bit by allowing users to play multiplayer mode with a “new breed” of Spartans called the Spartan IV. If you ask me, it’s a little random and the Spartan IV’s don’t look nearly as nice as Master Chief does. But I think they are using this breed of Spartans to tell the infamous story of Red vs. Blue.

343 Industries basically said that they have a pretty convincing reason as to why Red Spartans fight Blue Spartans. Maybe Spartan IV’s have something to do with that reasoning? I don’t know. But 343 Industries did say something rather interesting about the subject, “There are other parts to our multiplayer experience that will be coming in the future”.

Very mysterious.