Weapon Customization in Halo 4 Confirmed

When 343 Industries unveiled the Limited Edition of Halo 4 yesterday, there was one particular line that struck me the most: “unique in-game weapon skin for the Assault Rifle”. This line was meant to describe another bonus gamers would get for purchasing the Halo 4 Limited Edition, but it did much more. It confirmed the presence of gun customization in Halo 4.

So far all we know is that players will have the ability to choose particular “skins” for their weapons. Maybe it will be similar to choosing camouflage for your weapons in Call of Duty? I personally think it will be similar in that players will be able to choose how their gun looks, but I don’t think that they’ll be able to make their whole gun gold. 343 Industries will make their “skins” a bit more sophisticated than that, and make sure that no matter how players change their guns, they’ll still look like something out of Halo. We should be getting some more information on this topic during E3 this year, so be on the look out.

Now really quickly, I wanted to refute a thought that will almost certainly be made in response to this news: Why the hell is Halo copying Call of Duty’s idea?

First of all, we don’t even know for sure if these weapon skins will be like Call of Duty’s camouflage. That’s just what it sounds like to me, personally. But if they are, here’s my spiel:

Should Master Chief drop his gun just because Call of Duty lets users use guns? Should Master Chief, a friggin’ Super Soldier, lose his ability to sprint just because Call of Duty lets users sprint? And most importantly, should every aspect of a Call of Duty game be shunned from use by other game developers just because Activison decided to use an idea first? The answer to all of these questions is no, by the way. Even though Halo and Call of Duty are very different, they have the same background: Shooting. And there is no way for both of these games to be polar opposites and still be known as “shooters”. They both have to have some similar ideas just to spark interest in its audience.

343 Industries is not adding the customization of guns through “skins” because Call of Duty has that option. They are adding the customization because they feel that it will make us gamers excited for Halo 4. Weapon customization certainly has my vote, and I can’t wait to start changing up my Battle Rifle to add a little more “me” to it.


Halo 4 Assault Carbine could be Similar to the SMG


The assault carbine is currently an unknown weapon to us Halo players. This is true because in past Halo games, the weapon didn’t even exist. But according to 343 Industries, we’ve used an iteration of it before. We weren’t told exactly what current weapon is similar to the assault carbine, but we were given plenty of hints to narrow down the possibilities.

Folks over at 343 Industries explained that the past gun the assault carbine replicates is a “shield mangler, not a head mangler”. They also explained that the weapon is a finisher rather than a depleter.

If you’ve brushed up on your Halo recently, you’d know that the SMG is a likely candidate for the assault carbine’s predecessor. The SMG was a good gun, but it was never a feared gun. It was also exceptionally good at taking out Jackal shields, which leads me to believe that the assault carbine will essentially be the SMG in Halo 4 under a new name.

Now the catch here is that the assault carbine could be based on the SMG, it won’t actually be the SMG. The word on the street is that the assault carbine will be much better than its predecessor, in this case the SMG. So if the assault carbine truly is based off of the SMG, expect the assault carbine to be much more dangerous and useful in actually killing things rather than just depleting shields.

Now this is all speculation. It’s just what makes sense to me personally. If you feel differently, please chime in and give me your input because, as of now, no one is officially wrong or right. We’re merely trying to create some great Halo discussion. Hopefully we’ll get some official clarity soon.

343 Industries: Expect Many Changes in Halo 4


343 Industries has made it clear: Halo 4 will be very different from past Halo games. And fans should embrace these changes because the Halo Universe is rightfully evolving. In an interview, 343 Industries addressed the reasons behind the many changes revealed so far. And based on what the company is saying, we should expect many more changes; particularly to enemies, weapons and story line:

“So the next time you see an enemy that looks a little different or a weapon/vehicle that doesn’t match its predecessors verbatim, or even a backstory that doesn’t appear to be the “whole story”, understand that the Halo Universe is big enough to hold all of them safely and securely together, and will do so with a smile on its face,” they explained. “And whenever you doubt that, just take the incredible variability you find in our contemporary world and multiply it by a thousand. Then you’ll get a hint of just how big a 26th century, galaxy-spanning Halo story is to us.”

Clearly, 343 Industries has a vision, and they plan to carry out that vision. Let it be clear that 343 Industries is not simply succeeding Bungie, they they are replacing them. 343 Industries did not take over Halo to carry out Bungie’s vision, they took over Halo to carry out their vision. And this seems too be a very good thing because it shows just how much passion and drive 343 Industries has.

In the end, you as a player needs to go into Halo 4 understanding that there will be differences. After all, this is not Bungie’s game, this is 343 Industries’s game. And I have a hunch that these differences within the game will likely be for the better.

Railgun Confirmed as Weapon in Halo 4

A gun known as the Railgun has now been confirmed to be a usable weapon in Halo 4. Here is an official description of the weapon:

The ARC-920 Railgun is a compact-channel linear accelerator that fires a high-explosive round at incredible speed, delivering both kinetic and explosive force to both hard and soft targets alike.

The Railgun certainly sounds like a pretty kick-ass weapon, but it’s actually not a new weapon. The Railgun has actually been in the Halo universe before. Remember the Gauss Warthog? That big cannon on the back of the vehicle is actually a Railgun. Imagine Master Chief using that bad boy as a mobile weapon.

Hopefully we can use this weapon in multiplayer if we are deprived of using a Mech.

Halo 4 DMR Photo Revealed

We had a list of confirmed weapons in Halo 4, so this should come as no real surprise. In this image we not only get a nice look at the DMR, but we also get to see how nice the HUD in Halo 4 is. In terms of the DMR, it looks very similar to DMR we had in Halo Reach, with a bit of a graphics update. Only this time, we have the DMR and the Battle Rifle.

Redesigned Battle Rifle Returns in Halo 4

One thing that I personally missed in Halo Reach was the Battle Rifle. In replacement of the Battle Rifle, Bungie gave us the DMR; a single-shot precision weapon that was brutal when fired at the head. But for old time Halo players like me, the Battle Rifle was just another classic weapon, like the Assault Rifle, that just hit home. And I was ecstatic when 343 Industries confirmed that the Battle Rifle will indeed be coming back to Halo 4.

There aren’t too many apparent changes to the gun as of now besides graphics. It should still be the same old three-burst fire weapon we have all come to know and hopefully love. So there should be no surprises when we pick it up for the first time within game play. But I have to admit, based on the pictures 343 Industries gave us, I really like the new Battle Rifle. It has a bit more color than the rifle we’ve seen in Halo 3, and it has more of a definite shape.

So far I really like the direction 343 Industries is taking the Halo series in. We’ve seen a lot of graphical changes and they seem fantastic so far. The plot line of the Halo 4 seems rather tight-lipped so far, but I’ve heard that the antagonist of the campaign will be of a caliber that Master Chief has yet to face. A caliber that makes the covenant seem childish.