Welcome to Halo Reclaimer Hub

If you think about it critically, we haven’t actually had a “real” Halo game in the past couple of years. Sure Halo: Reach was great and all, but it seemed as though the core concept of Halo: Reach was to ‘pimp-out’ the multiplayer as much as possible. The campaign was there, but it was simply another side-story to Master Chief’s original journey, the journey that we, for the most part, loved playing the most.

I think it’s clear that Halo mainly revolves around the presence of Master Chief, and if you take him out of the equation, you’re left with a lackluster Halo game that just seems almost empty.

That’s what Bungie has provided us fans with for the past 4-ish years, but now they’ve dropped the reigns of their beloved Halo, and 343 Industries have taken the project full-steam-ahead. And that’s where we come in…

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