343 Industries: Halo Reclaimer Trilogy will Last 10 Years

In a recent interview, Frank O’Connor explained that 343 Industries has the current Halo trilogy vaguely mapped out for the next 10 years.

“We have things mapped out pretty far, probably about ten years, but they’re pretty vague, they’re big plot points. We think that X will happen, we think Y will happen, we think they should go visit Z,” he said. “There’s a danger that you’ll get granular in your planning because if this was a novel, you could just write an end. But it’s not a novel.”

10 years is a very long time. In fact, if you go back 10 years from today, you’ll notice that Halo: Combat Evolved would have just released less than a year ago for the Xbox. It’s simply amazing to see how far Halo has evolved in 10 years. And if Franky is truly penciling in another 10 years of Master Chief, I can’t wait for the year 2022.

Another thing that excites me is the fact that 343 Industries will actually spend 10 years on the Reclaimer Trilogy. A lot people would probably want a Halo title pumped out every year just because they love the game so much, but isn’t that what happened to Call of Duty? The last thing we want is for the Halo franchise to be milked to death.

The Golden Rule has always been quality over quantity for these types of projects, and I think 343 Industries has realized that. The longer 343 Industries works on a game, the better it will be. And we as Halo fans deserve the best, don’t you agree?

The next decade will be full of excitement in the Halo department. So hold on tight and get ready for the journey 343 Industries has planned for us; because I know that it’s going to be a good one.


Halo 4 Expected to Feature a New Hero Besides Master Chief

So who is the primary hero in the Halo series? Without question, it’s Master Chief. Why would someone even bother to ask that question? Well, because The Official Xbox Magazine (OXM) has decided to stir the pot, big time. An image of July’s edition of OXM has surfaced (you can see it above) and there is really only one part of the page that caught my attention: “NEW HERO?!”

There was other information above that, talking about new maps and new villains, however that’s been known for quite some time. But a new hero in Halo 4? Master Chief has been out for a long time, folks. There is no way he can possibly be considered a new hero. But Halo is evolving, and with a new trilogy comes new characters; in this case a new hero. It’ll certainly be interesting to see who he or she is, and it seems confirmed that this magazine will at least partially shed some light on that subject.

One thing you should not take out of this, however, is the thought that Master Chief’s role will be slightly diminished with the inclusion of a new hero. 343 Industries has repeatedly told us that Halo 4 is all about Master Chief and his background. No new introduced character can stop that. Master Chief makes Halo in this new Reclaimer Trilogy and there is nothing that can completely override that argument.

The July issue of OXM will be available for purchase on May 22nd, so just hold out for about a week and some change you’ll be golden.

Update: We confirmed the identity of the new hero. Check out who he or she is.

Two New Halo 4 Characters Revealed: Crawlers and Watchers

According to the back of a Halo 4 action figure box, two new Halo 4 figures are coming out soon. But these figures don’t depict commonly known characters such as Master Chief and Cortana. They depict two totally new characters know as the Crawler and the Watcher.

You can see a picture of what the two look like in the image above. There is a chance that these two characters could be new covenant enemies. But more than likely, just because the covenant are not a large part of Halo 4, they seem to be the characters of a new enemy race Master Chief will fight off in Halo 4.

Again, none of this is confirmed, but the fact that these are “Coming Soon” characters on the back of a Halo 4 action figure box shows that these characters must have something to do with Halo. But all in all, it seems like we’ve found our antagonists.

Update: Here is a closer look at the Crawler and Watcher; it’s a bit blurred due to the lower resolution of the original picture, but you’ll be able to make out a few more details.

Halo 4 Allows Users to Utilize the “Spartan IV”

343 Industries is changing the multiplayer a bit by allowing users to play multiplayer mode with a “new breed” of Spartans called the Spartan IV. If you ask me, it’s a little random and the Spartan IV’s don’t look nearly as nice as Master Chief does. But I think they are using this breed of Spartans to tell the infamous story of Red vs. Blue.

343 Industries basically said that they have a pretty convincing reason as to why Red Spartans fight Blue Spartans. Maybe Spartan IV’s have something to do with that reasoning? I don’t know. But 343 Industries did say something rather interesting about the subject, “There are other parts to our multiplayer experience that will be coming in the future”.

Very mysterious.

This is what Master Chief will Officially Look like in Halo 4

It seems like Master Chief’s armor has been finalized by 343 Industries. What you see is what you get, and I think the majority of Halo fans will like what they see.

This final look has been brought to our attention by a toy company, who has finalized their representation of Master Chief – already! Obviously you won’t be able to get your hands on these toys, as the game won’t be out for another 10-ish months. But what you should get out of this is that 343 Industries sure knows how to make a protagonist look good.

Maybe they can overhaul the antagonist too?

Welcome to Halo Reclaimer Hub

If you think about it critically, we haven’t actually had a “real” Halo game in the past couple of years. Sure Halo: Reach was great and all, but it seemed as though the core concept of Halo: Reach was to ‘pimp-out’ the multiplayer as much as possible. The campaign was there, but it was simply another side-story to Master Chief’s original journey, the journey that we, for the most part, loved playing the most.

I think it’s clear that Halo mainly revolves around the presence of Master Chief, and if you take him out of the equation, you’re left with a lackluster Halo game that just seems almost empty.

That’s what Bungie has provided us fans with for the past 4-ish years, but now they’ve dropped the reigns of their beloved Halo, and 343 Industries have taken the project full-steam-ahead. And that’s where we come in…

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