New Hero in Halo 4 Revealed to be in Spartan Ops


Remember a few days ago when the Official Xbox Magazine (OXM) said that there would be a “new hero” in Halo 4? Well we received that July edition of OXM and we now know exactly who that new hero is.

According to OXM, Master Chief actually encounters the UNSC Infinity, the largest human UNSC ship to date, at one point of the Halo 4 campaign. And as a result, you’ll be able to play as a member on board the UNSC Infinity, during Spartan Ops. This member that you get to play as is the new hero.

What’s interesting is that the new hero is actually a part of a new breed of Spartans known as the Spartan IV. So you’ll still have your fabulous suit of armor and your Assault Rifle after all. You just won’t have Master Chief’s awesomeness.

So there you have it, folks. The Spartan IV on board the UNSC Infinity in Spartan Ops is the so called “new hero”. So I guess you won’t have to worry about a new character taking over Master Chief’s spot light after all.

I hate to say it but I think I was expecting a bit more. Maybe the news was just a tad bit overhyped? Probably. But let’s just look at the bright side: We now know a hell of a lot more about Spartan Ops than we ever did.


Halo 4 Expected to Feature a New Hero Besides Master Chief

So who is the primary hero in the Halo series? Without question, it’s Master Chief. Why would someone even bother to ask that question? Well, because The Official Xbox Magazine (OXM) has decided to stir the pot, big time. An image of July’s edition of OXM has surfaced (you can see it above) and there is really only one part of the page that caught my attention: “NEW HERO?!”

There was other information above that, talking about new maps and new villains, however that’s been known for quite some time. But a new hero in Halo 4? Master Chief has been out for a long time, folks. There is no way he can possibly be considered a new hero. But Halo is evolving, and with a new trilogy comes new characters; in this case a new hero. It’ll certainly be interesting to see who he or she is, and it seems confirmed that this magazine will at least partially shed some light on that subject.

One thing you should not take out of this, however, is the thought that Master Chief’s role will be slightly diminished with the inclusion of a new hero. 343 Industries has repeatedly told us that Halo 4 is all about Master Chief and his background. No new introduced character can stop that. Master Chief makes Halo in this new Reclaimer Trilogy and there is nothing that can completely override that argument.

The July issue of OXM will be available for purchase on May 22nd, so just hold out for about a week and some change you’ll be golden.

Update: We confirmed the identity of the new hero. Check out who he or she is.