Halo 4 Assault Carbine could be Similar to the SMG


The assault carbine is currently an unknown weapon to us Halo players. This is true because in past Halo games, the weapon didn’t even exist. But according to 343 Industries, we’ve used an iteration of it before. We weren’t told exactly what current weapon is similar to the assault carbine, but we were given plenty of hints to narrow down the possibilities.

Folks over at 343 Industries explained that the past gun the assault carbine replicates is a “shield mangler, not a head mangler”. They also explained that the weapon is a finisher rather than a depleter.

If you’ve brushed up on your Halo recently, you’d know that the SMG is a likely candidate for the assault carbine’s predecessor. The SMG was a good gun, but it was never a feared gun. It was also exceptionally good at taking out Jackal shields, which leads me to believe that the assault carbine will essentially be the SMG in Halo 4 under a new name.

Now the catch here is that the assault carbine could be based on the SMG, it won’t actually be the SMG. The word on the street is that the assault carbine will be much better than its predecessor, in this case the SMG. So if the assault carbine truly is based off of the SMG, expect the assault carbine to be much more dangerous and useful in actually killing things rather than just depleting shields.

Now this is all speculation. It’s just what makes sense to me personally. If you feel differently, please chime in and give me your input because, as of now, no one is officially wrong or right. We’re merely trying to create some great Halo discussion. Hopefully we’ll get some official clarity soon.